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For Organizations, Businesses, and Institutions

Our workshops are generally customized to fit the needs of the audience. However, we have developed the templates below to help you choose a program that would best meet your needs
One-Day Financial Wellness Boot Camp 

This financial wellness workshop is our signature boot camp program condensed into one day. This full-day event is fun, engaging, and full of practical steps on how to live your best financially fit life.

Participants will learn to nurture a wealthy mindset and leave with a game plan on building up a healthy savings account, getting out of debt, wealth-building, and budgeting.

Budget Like a Boss - Short Workshop

This financial wellness workshop gives a brief overview of the steps outlined in our signature boot camp. The focus of this workshop is two-fold: a financially smart paradigm shift and learning how to budget like a true CFO. 


Only 1 in 3 households make a detailed budget despite it being the key to financial success. This workshop will leave you with the tools and confidence to create a budget that you can live on. This is a skill that will serve you well all the days of your life.

5-Day Money Matters Bootcamp

This financial wellness workshop is our signature boot camp program. This 5-day event is the most immersive for participants because everyone engages in deep conversation and builds relationships throughout the program.

Participants learn the same skills as the 1-day event, however, there are added homework assignments and increased accountability to stay on track. Participants actively practice budgeting and are coached during the class.

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